Bollé Goggles Eliminate Lens Fogging for Distortion-Free Vision

DUO CLEAR SKU# 254-­‐DU-­‐40161

High-­‐risk occupations require high performance eye protection. LHR offers the new DUO style safety goggles from Bollé Safety. The DUO’s revolutionary Equalizer Technology prevents fogging by removing moisture from between the front and back lenses. Inner goggle temperature and pressure is balanced with the outside environment to eliminate lens fogging for distortion-­‐free vision at all times.

The DUO features include:
  • High impact double polycarbonate lens
  • Anti-­‐fog, anti-­‐scratch coating
  • Low profile design
  • Adjustable Neoprene strap
  • Optimal fit and comfort with TPR (thermo-­‐plastic rubber) frame featuring closed cell foam
  • Indirect lower vents
  • Superior optical quality certified lens
  • 99.99% UVA/UVB light absorption
  • D3 Rated for Liquid Splash Protection

To order the new DUO style goggles or for more information, contact LHR today!

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