Gas Detection

Single-Gas / Multi-Gas

The health and safety of your rig crews are of absolute importance to you. Thats why making the right decision about gas detection is literal a life or death decision.

There are several factors that go into your gas detection decision and LHR Safety can help you sift through those to make the right choice. Our folks have been in your shoes and know the right products you need for the environments you're working in.

LHR Safety carries a line of Multi-gas and Single Gas monitors that help you meet head-on any potential hazardous gases faced by your crews. We also carry accessories such as calibration stations and test gas that give you a total gas detection solution.

Today most crews use a single-gas personal monitor with H2S seniors and a high IP rating for humidity and dirt concerns. The Multi-gas lets you detect several potential hazardous gases in a single sensor.

We offer MSA, Dragger and BTW Technology portable gas detection products - all ANSI/ISEA (R2003) Standard

Gas Abbreviation Quick Quide:

  • Carbon Dioxide: CO2
  • Combustable: LEL
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: H2S
  • Oxygen: O2

We Proudly Offer These Fine Brands and More.



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