Billy Pugh X-904 Refurbishment/Recertification

LHR Services and Equipment, Inc. refurbishes and recertifies Billy Pugh X-904 Personnel Transfer Devices. Bill Pugh recommends an approved manufacturer representative inspect the X-904 every two years.

Inspection includes thoroughly examining all parts of the transfer device for any damage or defect on all parts of the unit, loosening and tightening the center pole and swabbing the threads with lubricant to prevent seizing; inspecting the X-904 Personnel Transfer unit for modifications or non OEM supplied components and removing them; and replacing all defective or worn parts as required.

Following inspection and refurbishment, a new certificate of conformity will be issued.

LHR understands that each onsite personnel transfer must be completed in the safest manner possible. And to ensure that occurs, every refurbished X-904 is repaired to the same standards that a new X-904 is held to. Contact LHR if you have any questions about your X-904 Personnel Transfer Devices.

Additionally, LHR can manage a loaner pool of customer owned X-904s to help ensure that your jobsite always has the equipment it needs.

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