Specialty Products

Safety is the cornerstone of our business. Our motto is striving to keep the future safe, and for us it is more than just a saying. We are constantly in connection with our customers, listening to their needs and trying to find solutions to areas where safety equipment is lacking. That is why beyond our standard safety products, we have developed several specialty products that solve some of the industry’s biggest safety equipment challenges – Tethered Tools® to prevent dropped objects; the ShoveItTM Hand Safety Tool to prevent hand injuries; AlternativeCutting Kits to keep workers from using unsafe cutting tools; and our Pallet Lifter for the safe lifting and transporting of palleted loads.

If you have a need for a safety product that you can’t find anywhere else, give us a call. You never know, we may already have something in the works, and if not, we’d love to find a solution to ensure LHR keeps striving to keep the future safe.

We Proudly Offer These Fine Brands and More.



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