Personal Protective Equipment

Hazards exist in every workplace and in the oil field, on the construction site and on the manufacturing floor, you'll find some of the toughest environments to work in. Workers need to be protected at all times and LHR can outfit your work crews to meet every job and environment.

Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as "PPE", can minimize exposure to a variety of hazards.

Since 1983, LHR has been outfitting the oil & gas industry with an in-stock line of PPE gear including:
  • Impact Gloves

  • Chemical Gloves

  • Protective Footwear

  • Eye Protection

  • Protective Hearing Devices (Earplugs, Earmuffs)

  • Full Brim Hard Hats and Bump Caps

  • Respirators

  • Full Body Suits (FR Coveralls / Disposalable Coveralls)

  • And more

There are several different factors involved in providing safety supplies for your workers. You'll want to consider the work being done, possible hazards, and what safety products workers will need on a regular bases.

When choosing your safety gear company, you'll want to go with a proven company that stocks the right PPE gear, ready to ship to your worksites all over the world, when you need it.

Quality, Price, Timelines and Service.

Let LHR Safety show you how we can keep your crew safe and save you money with your PPE.



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