ShoveItTM Hand Safety Tool

LHR offers the new ShoveItTM Hand Safety Tool to help avoid pinch points and other hand related safety issues while working with suspended loads. The ShoveItTM Hand Safety Tool is non-conductive and cleverly designed to help:

• Push against flat surfaces, corners or rounded edges of suspended loads.

• Move pipes and tubulars with the "V" shaped end.

• Grab slings and taglines with the hooks.

New Features:

• Rubber lining added to "V" to improve grip.

• Opposing grab hooks to help with the maneuvering of cable slung loads.

• Non-conductive - no metal parts.

Push / Pull Force Rating: Push 600lbs. / Pull 350 lbs.

 Part Number
 SHST42  42 inch
 SHST50  50 inch
 SHST72  72 inch
 SHST72T  72 inch w/Single Side Hook
 SHST72TEFLON  72 inch w/Teflon

Take your job and ShoveItTM with the new hand safety tool and push pole from LHR!

Patent No. 8,376,430

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