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Tethered Tools

Working at heights is a very high-risk environment; any mistake could be fatal or result in serious injuries. One of the most common sources of injuries associated with working at heights is a dropped-object. Dropped objects can cause serious harm to people, damage equipment, and cause downtime resulting in lost productivity.

Properly securing hand tools to a suitable anchor point with a specially designed tool lanyard can prevent dropped object incidents and provide safety at heights. That’s where LHR’s Tethered Tool Kit and Tethered Tool System come in. LHR offers a wide range of innovative, practical and durable tethered products that offer users piece of mind when working with tools at heights.

LHR Tethered Tool Kits – TTK

  • Designed for heavy-duty industrial jobs
  • Tethers are permanently connected to the tools
  • Features triple-action carabineers for added safety
  • Offers 100% tie off
  • Includes heavy-duty tools and tool box

LHR Tethered Tool System – TTS

  • Includes three different tether types to match the operator’s needs
  • Tethers and tools are interchangeable
  • Tethers stretch to allow flexibility in use and to help absorb the impact of a dropped tool
  • Features tough stainless steel screw-gate carabineers
  • Includes over 160 tools and accessories with organized tool box
  • Portable tool bag included to securely transport and tether multiple tools

Custom Tethered Tools

  • Custom tethering of your selected tools

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